The 800 pound Gorilla

As we evolve into our life of gadgets, gizmos. and stuff, one thing has to be considered-power.  Lets just say that Elon Musk went into the battery business for a reason-money- and power. The power you need to run your gadgets.  But what happens when there is no juice,  lets say a week or so.  Or maybe you believe in renewal energy hopefully you do.  I have just been asked to join a Board of Directors of a company that makes personal  power products that are the answer.  The company is Green Gorilla Solar, they make flashlights with various attachments- renewal energy packs to run your computer, phone, even medical equipment .  Additionally a backpack for adults and one for children as well as developing a dog harness, guitar and camera strap.  Whether we have a need to be unplugged or we just enjoy free energy and the sense of doing something good.  Last week we had two three hour power outages and , yes my batteries were dying.  You need not what for an earthquake or other disaster to pull the plug so to speak , personal renewable free power.  That my friends is personal power.


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