Theres No Place Like Home

Coming home, its been 7 years, I am now back in Malibu with a new sense of love and value to our glorious city.  Being part of the solution, for me, is a natural response.  With all the climatic activity that has effected the world and in our dot on the map its the drought.  It is very difficult for many that love the land and the generations of nurturing that goes into one garden as well as the numerous challenges to keep open spaces open.  Lastly, many residence have climbed the ladder to the top rung and have earned the freedom to afford whatever they want.  Many programs that have been offered  such as cash for grass have fallen short in a community measured in acres not square feet, never the less , the reduction of water is necessary for all.  In my absence I have studied and received credentials in all facets of energy efficiency, water conservation, green construction.  As a matter of fact I authored the White Paper that inspired the Energy efficient Mortgage programs that creates $10 of equity for each dollar of conservation.  These changes in how we use our resources and what resources we use are not painful, just different.  It’s really simple to start here are 1 things you can do that will save over 10,000 gallons of water a year A dual flush toilet you only need to replace the flush handle with a $15 dual flush system-it is adaptable to almost all of your existing toilets.  You do not need to replace your toilet just the flush handle.  The saving in dollars and in water makes a lot of sense and does not impact you.  It’s a good start its easy – what are you waiting for-Rain?


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